puppet 6.0.4-universal-darwin

1 security vulnerability found in version 6.0.4-universal-darwin

Improper Certificate Validation in Puppet

medium severity CVE-2020-7942
medium severity CVE-2020-7942
Patched versions: ~> 5.5.19, >= 6.13.0

Previously, Puppet operated on a model that a node with a valid certificate was entitled to all information in the system and that a compromised certificate allowed access to everything in the infrastructure. When a node's catalog falls back to the default node, the catalog can be retrieved for a different node by modifying facts for the Puppet run. This issue can be mitigated by setting strict_hostname_checking = true in puppet.conf on your Puppet master. Puppet 6.13.0 changes the default behavior for strict_hostname_checking from false to true. It is recommended that Puppet Open Source and Puppet Enterprise users that are not upgrading still set strict_hostname_checking to true to ensure secure behavior.

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